How students would change Hungarian secondary schools

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    Are you trying to say that everybody should learn History? Even students who want to be doctors or workers at Los Alamos?
  2. yes
  3. nope
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    Have you seen the posters?
    Halloween party
    Tomorrow (Thursday) 5 pm
    English classroom

    Halloween party
    Tomorrow (Thursday) 5 pm
    English classroom
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    Now for nine whole days (plus one extra hour :cool:) there's
    so you can spend more time here again. ;)

    By the way, do you think it's very important to have an autumn break? Don't you think we should have a longer winter holiday instead?

  7. Have an autumn break is better because with an autumn break you can survive until the winter holiday.
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    Yes, I know what you mean, but this year the 22nd December is still a school day (Friday) and Sunday (the 24th) is Christmas Eve already:dr_33:. I think it is absolutely awful. I would rather have the week before Christmas off than a week now. All Saints' Day (1st Nov) would be a day off school anyway (because it's a holiday for everyone), so we wouldn't lose the whole week now in return: it would be
    2 days weekend (28th and 29th October)
    2 days school
    1 day off (Nov 1st)
    2 days school
    2 days weekend.​
    That would be enough for me in return for the whole week before Christmas:dr_33:. I'll miss having a proper Advent... :( There won't be enough time to prepare for Christmas :dr_33:properly, we'll all be in a hurry, it will be too stressful instead of taking our time to have some fun while baking delicious cakes:dr_104:, wrapping up the presents:dr_175:, etc...
  9. Without this one week holiday i think it would be inpossible to dont get a heart attack before the winter holiday.
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    I wonder what the others will say (including those who haven't even registered yet...).
  11. jensenackles

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    This is a bad timetable, because a lot of students have other activities in the afternoon, for example music lessons.
    In my opinion the breaks are too long.
    I would like to learn cooking, because cooking is a good hobby and very useful in life.
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    Hiába tudják a fiatalok, hogy milyen lenne a jobb oktatási rendszer, ha a felnőttek (saját szüleikkel az élen) meg sem hallgatják őket. Saját, belső társadalmi párbeszéd nélkül nem fog menni, és a változtatás nem kevés időbe (több választási ciklus) kerülne. Annál bonyolultabb a dolog, hogy sima ötleteléssel sikert lehetne elérni.
    Franchise nem működik, nincs két egyforma társadalom, az izzadtságot nem lehet megúszni...
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    I think the school need to start at 9 o'cloock, because the students are so fresh, and they can wake up normally.
    My answer to the 2nd questin that we need the 10 minute breaks, because we can bring back the lag.
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    I think chemistry and physics are the most boring and unnecessary subject in school. I don't have more problems with the subjects. I think the breaks are shorts.
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    I think the cooking, the horse riding and the listening to music are useless. The horse riding and listening to music is a hobby and if you want to cook something you can read in a book or on the internet. About the others I agree with them.
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    Well, I'm not sure they know. :)
    You and I are here to listen to them but most of them are not really willing to share their ideas. (They just want to get the homework done, i. e. to post at least one comment here.)
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. :)
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    And if you want to learn how to
    - use a computer
    - build a house
    - breed sheep
    - play chess
    - grow plants
    - repair your washing-machine
    - do origami
    - etc.​
    you can read it in a book or online, too. Does that mean it's enough to teach kids how to read and after that it's not important for them to go to school any more because they can read everything they are interested in in books or on the internet?
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  20. I agree .