How students would change Hungarian secondary schools

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    This sounds sooooo British!:rohog:
    George Mikes = Mikes György was born in Hungary.

  2. No ,staying in one more hour is not better in any way i think.
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    I think first aid, car driving, practikal money skills/financial matters, searching the Internet and practical IT skills would be very useful to learn in the school. In my opinion the school's start is good. In the morning the students and the teachers are fresh. I agree with Star: the 8th lesson is very bad. The students and the teachers can not concentrate to learn and to teach. I think the problem is with the breaks: there is not a long enought lunchtime (minimum half an hour).

    Good evening! :):D
  4. And in my opinion know how to search in internet is can be a subject because we dont learn about this in any way in ICT lesson ,and a lot of people dont know how searching programes work.
  5. And yes cooking is usefull if you want to became a housewife or start a restaurant.
  6. And i think our school system is in a lot of ways is really bad but in these ways what we are talking about i think the hungarian school system is not bad at all.
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    Would it be okay if every day looked like this?

    09.00-09.45: 1st lesson
    20-minute break
    10.05-10.50: 2nd lesson
    20-minute break
    11.10-11.55: 3rd lesson
    20-minute break
    12.15-13.00: COOKING
    30-minute break for queuing:cool: and for having lunch*
    13.30-14.15: 5th lesson
    20-minute break
    14.35-15.20: 6th lesson
    20-minute break
    15.40-16.05: 7th lesson
    20-minute break
    16.25-17.10: P.E.

    * I'd like to write "and for having the lunch which you have just cooked" but in that case you would miss the best part: queuing ;).
  8. No it wouldnt be ok who want to stay in school until 17.10: this is just worse.
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    As for Learning-how-to-learn, let me tell you that quite a few years ago there was an experiment in our school, which you might not know about.
    There was a class who had a Learning-how-to-learn lesson every week for a year (or perhaps only for half a year? I'm not sure). They had two teachers who taught this subject together. One of them was a Maths teacher and the other a Hungarian Language and Literature and History teacher. After trying to teach that class how to learn for a year (but at least for half a year) both teachers agreed that
    1) yes, it was a good idea to try because it is really important and very useful for the students to learn how to learn
    2) no, it was not a good idea to try to do it like this because Learning-how-to-learn shouldn't be a separate subject.​
    So the teachers of the school agreed that every teacher should teach their own students how to learn the subject which they teach. That is to say the Maths teacher should teach students how to learn Maths, the Biology teacher should teach students how to learn Biology, etc. because each and every subject is so different that it is impossible to teach students "how to learn".

    So I think if you're not sure how to learn something, you should ask the teacher of that particular subject for advice because he/she knows best, no one else can tell you. Besides, I also think it is important to get to know yourself, to try different methods and then you will know which works best for you. There are different types of students: some of them can easily learn e. g. history if they can take their time to read it from a book, while others can learn the same thing more easily if they can listen to somebody talking about it, etc. You may find tests like this useful:
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    I think in school these subjects should be teach: Cooking, speaking,first aid,car driving,reading,writing,math,physics,biology,household lesson.I hope people recognize the mistakes and correct them.I think the Finns are on the right track to realize the education because they have changed their education system.They teach cooking and Etc.
  11. This is just my own ideas but i think you dont need to have a cooking subject because nowadays you can buy food or use a recipt book so i relly dont know why every body want to know how to cook.
  12. English, Maths, IT, 2nd language, car driving and one natural science lesson (physics, biologie...).

    [ALSO we have to learn communist ideologies for example, Leninism.]
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    Do they teach Practical Money Skills, too? Do you also think that it would be useful for you? If yes: but why if you don't even get pocket money? (I used to study Economics at the secondary school. It included things like finance... It was dead boring, I can tell you...)
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    Well, yes, some say if you know how to read, you know how to cook. :)
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    You can learn that as part of your History studies. Isn't that enough?
  16. You are sooooooooooooooo LAZY!!!
  17. If you are want to be a doctor, you have to learn biologie.
    If you want to be a worker in Los Alamos you have to learn physics and chemistry
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    Did you all see this? That's a good point, isn't it? Wouldn't it be enough to have lessons for things that you cannot learn without the school? You could learn everything else without going to school, and then you wouldn't have to spend so much time at school.

    Perhaps we should try to make two groups of subjects:
    - compulsory subjects (maths? what else?)
    - optional subjects (cooking? car-driving?, etc.)
  19. The history lessons in this world is too simplified. You dont know the real things.
    [That is the matter with capitalism, the leaders want to teach idiots in schools, we have to rebel:rohog:]
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    I don't think it's so simple... You never know how many times you will change your mind before you grow up... Lots of people are unsure because they are interested in lots of things and/or because they are good at all kinds of subjects and/or because they always do the same thing in their free time (e.g. go kayaking), nothing else, so they don't even know what other things they are good at, what they can(not) do...
    If you spend years studying e.g. physics and chemistry, you may become bored to death, and finally decide that you don't want to go to Los Alamos, after all. But because of spending all your time studying physics and chemistry you have missed studying other subjects - all of which would be more important now, that you know that you are absolutely fed up with physics and chemistry...