How students would change Hungarian secondary schools

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    I teach English in a secondary school in Hungary. The other day I asked my 9th-grader (about 15-year-old) students what new subjects they would like to have at school. In their homework they came up with the following ideas:
    - Cooking
    - Housekeeping
    - First Aid
    - Self-Defence
    - Learning-how-to-learn
    - Communication
    - Building
    - Car-driving
    - Horse-riding
    - Practical Money Skills / Financial Matters
    - Civic Knowledge / Legal Matters
    - Programming
    - Searching-the-Internet
    - Animation
    - Listening-to-music
    Because they had quite a lot to say about what they like/dislike about school, how they would change their timetable, etc., I thought it'd be nice to help them find an online forum where we could go on discussing it in English outside the classroom and, hopefully, with other people, too. Do you think we could try here?
    If no, then this thread will obviously be deleted soon.
    If yes, please join us, especially if you are secondary school students, too. :)
    So, what do you think? Which of the above subjects would be the most useful and why? Do you have such subjects in your school (in other parts of the world perhaps)? What's the ideal timetable like in your opinion?
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    What time do you think school should start? How long should the breaks be? How about the lunch break?

    When we have shorter lessons sometimes (because there's a meeting for the teachers in the morning), I think the ten-minute breaks are awfully short. What do you think?
  3. I think the most useful subjects would be Communication ,Searching-the-Internet,Programming,Animation,Civic Knowledge / Legal Matters,Practical Money Skills / Financial Matters,First Aid.Because these could be the most useful in real life to live a successful life.Just you dont relly need to know how to cooking to have a good life but if you animate very good you can earn a lot of money.But i think this is total different for every body.

    I think the school should start at 8 or 8.30 am because in this case the students will have time to wake up and then i think may be more focused in classes.

    The breaks in my opinion need to be 15 or 20 minutes long,in any situations and i dont sure students need lunch break .

    Finally ,I would say sorry for my english if something is not understandable then just ask.

    Have a nice day.
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    Thank you for your comment. :) Your English is okay, I understand everything.

    How come you're not sure if students need a lunch break? Don't you think it's important to have lunch at school? :dr_104:I wonder what the others will say about that.
    If you're one of my students (are you?) you know that we have two lunch breaks. Originally there was only one. When the second lunch break was introduced, I wasn't sure if I liked the idea or not, but now I think I quite like it. By the way, the second lunch break was introduced when there were a lot of students who had lunch in the canteen but the canteen itself was only half as big as it is today, so one break was not enough for all the students to have their lunch. As far as I know, there aren't a lot of students who have lunch at school nowadays, and because the canteen is big enough for them now, we don't actually need that second twenty-minute break. Do you think one would be enough?
  5. Im one of your student ,but i think if every break is 20 minutes long then you can have lunch in one of them so we dont really need a special break for lunch not even one .Im not having lunch at school too so this is my opinion.
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    I think the Cooking, Car-driving, First-Aid, Practical Money Skills/ Financial Matters and civic Knowledge / Legal Matters subjects should be in school, because they are in the future they will be important in life.

    I think the school is starting at 9 o'clock , so we can sleep more than 1 hour:dr_103: and we will not be tired :D and the 8th hour is very bad, because the student can not concentrate.:(

    I think it's a good idea for a 15-20 minute break. But the lunch break in our school is very short. We can not normally eat lunch, because we do not have time and there is not enough space, because many people are having lunch in the dining room. Usually the line is very long, but time is limited.:dr_104:
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    I think Housekeeping, First Aid, Self-Defence, Learning-how-to-learn, Practical Money Skills / Financial MattersCivic, Knowledge / Legal Matters, Programming, Searching-the-Internet are very good and useful things for our adult age.
    And if you want to learn driving you can do it without the school.
    And I agree with Star :)'s comment. Because I love sleeping and I need more time to do this at weekdays. And I don't like to eat fast because it isn't healthy.
    This is my opinion.
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    But then you would have to stay at school an hour longer in the afternoon. Is that better than starting early in the morning?
    Besides, the teacher cannot concentrate either. :D So yes, I absolutely agree.
    However, perhaps a P.E. is okay in the 8th lesson, don't you think? There are quite a lot of students who go to a sports club in the afternoons, so if it's good for them to start doing sport at around 4 pm, they might not complain about P.E. in the 8th lesson.
    I'm surprised to read that. I thought the canteen was much less popular these days. How long should the lunch break be then? And would you like to have one or two lunch breaks?
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    More and more people here, that's nice. :)

    Tell me about Self-Defence. When I was reading your homework I was surprised to see that more than one students wrote Self-Defence would be useful. Is Hungary such a dangerous place? Or only Budapest? Why do you think it would be an important subject?

    Another thing I don't know is how could Searching-the-Internet be a subject? I mean it's useful, yes, but how can you teach that to someone who doesn't know how to find things online? Isn't it enough to show them once or twice how google works? Should it be a subject every week?
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    I don't say Hungary is a dangerous place. I just think Self-Defence is a useful thing because whatever may happen. And if we are not prepared for such cases who knows what can happen?
    And you're right. Searching-the- Internet is we don't need a separate subject for it, but I think we need one or two lessons in IT which we are dealing with it.
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    I would like everything will stay be the same, just 1 hour later.

    The PE is better in 8th hour, than mathematics in 8th hour, but I do not want 8th hour.

    I think lunch is a minimum of 15 minutes plus standing in line.
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    I think the cooking is very important becaouse when you become adult you are referring to yourself and if you do not eat than you die. And suppose once you have a husband than you have to cook with him.
    Besides I think the car driving lessons are very important becaouse if you are on a holiday than you are not going to be so good, but much better with your car
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    Once a student of mine said that it is not at all important to be able to cook these days because there are a lot of places where you can buy ready-made food which you can buy, take home, heat up and eat:dr_104:. Her mother couldn't cook but they always had something to eat:dr_104:, so it wasn't a problem for the family at all that her mum didn't have Cooking as a subject at school. What do you think about that?
    Well, cooking together with someone is much more fun, I guess, so it's very good to have a husband who is happy to cook with you. :)
    Or did you want to say "you have to cook for him"? If yes: do you think Cooking should be a subject for girls only and not for boys? I mean if you have a husband who also had Cooking lessons at school, it won't be your responsibility to cook for him because he will be able to cook too. Or do you think cooking is something that the wife should do in a family even if the husband can also cook?
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    Philip II of France, as far as I remember it was you who suggested it should be a subject. Do you still think so? Or do you agree with Bijuu K?
    By the way, how come you've never had a lesson or two about this in IT? What do you learn/do instead?
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    Oh, I've just realized there's nothing about typing... Those of you who had typing lessons last year, don't you think it should be a subject for all the students? Or should it be an optional (not compulsory) subject?
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    I think the most useful subjects would be practical money skills, cooking, car driving, first aid, communacation and some normal subjects.For example maths, biology, etc. We have five PE lessons a week at the last lesson every day is the most usef

    I think the school is starting at 9 o'clock, because we can sllep more one hour and who come from far away he/she doesn't go too early.

    The breaks maybe 15 minutes, but the lunch break is 30 minutes, because in the dining room isn't too big, but we are many who have lunch.
  17. I think Self-Defence can be useful, even if Hungary is not dangerous. It's enough to meet one bad person and it can change your life totally. Self-Defence could be part of PE. For teenager girls it would be more important to know how to defend themselves than to know rules of all ballgames.
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  18. But if school is start at 9o'clock and we dont have 8th lessons then we dont have time for the lessons what we already have at least i think. And yes im really tired too in every day but i still have one of the best grades in my class so i think this is not the most inportant problem.And for the lunch question in my opinion if every break is 15-20 maybe 25 minutes long and the right to have lunch in every one of them and then i gues one more problem out.
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    Well, if you'd like to have some new subjects but you wouldn't like to spend more time at school than now, perhaps we should get rid of some old ones. For example, instead of Chemistry you could have Cooking lessons. Instead of Maths you could have Practical Money Skills. How about that?

    By the way, whenever I ask my students about pocket money it always turns out that most of them don't get pocket money at all (or even if they do, they don't get it regularly). They say if they want to buy something, they discuss it with the parents, and if they agree, they give money for it and then they buy it. But if this is the situation (that it's never really your decision how you spend your money because you don't have any money which is really yours), why do you think a subject like Practical Money Skills would be useful? Wouldn't it be too theoretical now, before you have/earn your own money?
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    I think Cooking, First Aid, Self-Defence, Learning-how-to-learn and Civic Knowledge will be very useful in the future.
    And I agree with Star:) too, I can't sleep more than 5-6 hours because I don't have time for this so it would be so much better if the school starts at 9 a.m. And we'll be grateful if we have enough time for eating and standing in line.
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