Halo wars osszerakhato jatek

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    Halo wars osszerakhato jatek
    Kikialtasi ar; 2,000.-Ft
    Licit lepcso; 100.-Ft

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    Covenant Banshee

    • Officially licensed by: Halo Mega Bloks
    • Made by: Mega Brands
    • Set #96859

    Product Detail Summary: The Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft – also known as the Banshee – is the standard ground assault unit in the Covenant military, capable of reaching speeds of over 100 Km/H. As it screeches across alien skies, the highly agile and acrobatic Banshee is armed with twin plasma cannons and fuel rod cannon aimed to wreck havoc on UNSC ground forces. The familiar howl of an approaching Banshee can send even the most courageous UNSC forces scrambling for cover! Ideal for children ages 8 and up! Features: * Buildable Covenant ground support aircraft * Dual plasma cannons and fuel rod cannon * Cockpit really opens! * Includes one Crimson Covenant Elite Pilot in flight harness with plasma pistol *
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